Tuesday, September 1, 2009


On August 27, 2009, I predicted that Mar Roxas will give way to Noynoy Aquino's candidacy. On September 1, 2009, Roxas did so. I believe that he did indeed make a sacrifice. But may I say that it was also the best and wisest decision he could make. The Filipino people will remember what he did today come 2016. Kiko Pangilinan will likewise be rewarded for his part. A Roxas-Pangilinan ticket in 2016 will be unbeatable (if they do not drop the ball, that is). I suppose, the Liberal Party has been reborn.

I also predicted that Bro. Mike Velarde will withdraw. He did.

Okay two down. The following to go:
  • FDR and Erap will endorse Noynoy.
  • Escudero and Legarda will aspire for VP.
  • Villanueva will withdraw and endorse Noynoy.
  • Fernando will quietly withdraw.
  • De Castro will go back to newscasting.
  • Madrigal will not go away and contribute to Villar's defeat.

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