Monday, September 14, 2009

2010: Martial Law, Pt 1

Those contemplating Palace coups or No-elections scenarios in 2010 to preserve the status quo (prolonging GMA's term) are hereby forewarned that these and other variations thereof will surely fail because, among others, the PMA Class of 1978, including its adopted members, does not command the loyalty of the vast majority of our uniformed services. Former President Ramos (Inquirer Northern Luzon 9/14/09).

The military and the police might end up taking temporary control of the country if there would be a total failure of elections in 2010 resulting in a power vacuum. If there would be total failure of elections next year, there would be no civilian authority come 06/30/10 - when the term of PGMA is supposed to end - because there would be no President, no Vice President and no Senate President or Speaker. Senate President Enrile (Philippine Daily Inquirer 9/15/09)

Everything points to a chaotic May 2010 elections. I don't want to seem like some kind of prophet of doom, but the chaotic voting day scenario could lead to a failure of elections. What this can lead to is anybody's guess. Former Speaker De Venecia (Daily Tribune 9/15/09)

A storm is coming. We, the people, must act now and act decisively if this coming storm is to be weakened. First, we must make sure that Comelec installs a manual vote-counting back-up mechanism. Second, the 12 sitting senators in May 2010 must be given the authority to elect a Senate President who will assume the duties and responsibilities of Acting President until such time as election winners are declared by Congress. And third, as a precaution, the 12 sitting senators must also elect a Senate-President-In-Waiting who will immediately assume the powers of the Office of the President in case something happens to the Acting President.

In the meantime, We, the people, must continually appeal to our Armed Forces to remain steadfast in protecting our Constitution. Let us remind our soldiers that the only way how our Nation can weather this storm, and to avoid massive loss of lives, is for us to remain a Nation ruled by laws and not by men.

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