Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Young Christian Man's Apology to Porn Stars

Thanks to Brushfires Foundation (a ministry that deals with sexual brokenness), I came across this moving letter from a young man recovering from addiction to pornography. As someone who found freedom from this sin (and is still overcoming it) after many years of struggle, I can relate and empathize with him. I could have written the letter myself but this man articulated best every word that is already in my heart. Brushfires Foundation's introduction below is followed by a link to “My apology to p+rn stars.” It's my personal letter too.

Monday, August 4, 2014

For All You Dads Regardless of Your Cereal Choice. #HowToDad

Great job Cheerios! Thank you for this positive and non-condescending TV commercial.  Indeed, a dad's job is fantastic. #HowToDad


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Clean Drinking Water for our New Home

It’s exactly 13 month since me moved in to our new town house. So far, so good. No complaints whatsoever. A lot have been added inside, new furniture, new appliance and even a new family (that’s a different story I’m going to tell next time).

The latest addition to our home is the NewAir WCD-200WWater dispenserIt’s our first water dispenser and the product doesn’t disappoint. I gave it a five star on Amazon because this dispenser has been a life saver! My family don’t trust tap water anymore and I’m tired of buying multiple filters for our Brita pitcher. The hot water feature is convenient for coffee and my wife’s tea, and the cold water remains cold all the time. I refill my 5 gallon bottles at our local grocery store for less than $4. The water tastes clean and we’re drinking much more water today because of the dispenser. It’s a quality product.

(Disclosure: NewAir provided us a sample of the dispenser for review.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Real Dad Moments in the Lives of Children of All Ages & Stages

Dove Men+Care hit another home run with their latest Father’s Day video commercial (see below). The video is so simple and direct that it needs no sweet introduction. I’ll let the video speak for itself.

But one thing that stood out for me which LifeNews also noticed was the scene where a daughter shows her dad an ultrasound photo of her unborn baby. It's a clear visual image of the irreplaceable value of fathers in the lives of children of all ages and ALL stages. And, captured the profound joy and beauty of embracing life.

Videos like Dove’s and recently OralB’s makes me miss my dad.

(Image: Dove Men+Care)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Power of Dad and Family Dinners

One simple way I protect my children from the dangers of drug abuse, suicide, and premarital sex is simply sitting with them at the dinner table. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, children who have dinner with their parents at least five times a week are less likely to drink, think about suicide, smoke, or say they will use drugs in the future.

My dad was always home for dinner when I was growing up. Our dinner table was not only where my family enjoyed my mom’s cooking. It was also where we shared our values, where we asked questions, and where we learned from each other. I make an intentional effort to continue this tradition with my own family. I’m always home for dinner. I intentionally looked for a job that was close to home and would get me home in time for dinner everyday. It brings a smile to my face when I hear my kids scream “daddy’s home” every time I walk in our front door from work.

The best dinner is when I cook and my family would love it. Last Memorial Day, I prepared a Texan-style smoked pork shoulder for the first time. I smoked it for 12 hours until 1 am. The long wait was worth it. We had the smoked barbecue the following dinner. I knew I scored a home run with the dish because all mouths and fingers were messy while eating my smoked pork. The smiles were precious and was definitely an “I love being a dad” moment for me.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Things You Need to Know Before Idolizing Marcos

Excellent piece of blogging. It sets the record straight on why former President Ferdinand Marcos doesn't deserve the adulation from many Filipinos. Below is an excerpt from "Things You Need to Know Before Idolizing Marcos."
When it comes to our country’s good, we don’t owe anyone a favor, whether it’s Marcos, Estrada, or Aquino. We are a nation who implored the aid of God to set up a government that reflects our ideals and aspirations—ideals that are pure and chaste. But with our little education and feeble minds we were deceived by these people to trust them with our hands, minds, and pockets. Now that we know better, are we still going to trust our country’s good to these kinds of people and their offspring?

We owe it to ourselves to setup a good government and bring about a better nation. Hence, we shouldn’t elect strongmen (or women) to save us from ourselves and each other. We MUST save ourselves by being respectful of the covenants we made with ourselves and others: by respecting our laws against cheating, lying, stepping on each other’s rights (among others) and by upholding our laws that promote peace, community, cooperation, wealth-sharing, and mutual growth.

More than ever, we are the heroes who can save this nation. If only we remember and never forget.

Read more: Epi Fabonan III, The Social Scientist

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Being Rich Is Not About How Much You Have, It Is About How Much You Give

"Being rich is not about how much you have, it is about how much you give." This is now my favorite quote. The video below explains why. It moved me and reminded me that we are called to serve others not just ourselves. 

(Published in The Huffington Post)

It shouldn't take a seven-minute video to make us appreciate what our parents do for us, but we've found one anyway.

The clip above is from Viddsee, a company in Asia that curates and shares powerful short films. In this one, titled "Gift," a son feels neglected by his father for most of his childhood. But when he grows up, he learns his dad's cold exterior was hiding a soft (dare we say, funny?) interior all along.
It's a simple reminder to not judge a book -- or a dad -- by the cover.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Filipino Daddy Blogger Observes Lent for the First Time

I’m observing Lent for the first time this year. My wife inspired me and gracefully challenged me into fasting and committing the next 40 days for self-reflection, sacrifice and prayer. This article from writer Nathan Finn also articulate what I was thinking and feeling about it (excepts posted below).

I'll keep the details of my fasting to myself. But one thing I made sure before deciding to do this is to set the motive of my heart right. Am I doing this to please others, myself or God? I started to prayerfully reflect on this question the other day and will continue to do so during Lent. I'm a dad, a husband, I'm religious, a Baptist, none of these labels matter before the Lord. In the next 40 days of Lent, the only identity important to me and will humbly practice before my Holy Father is "beloved son." 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Games I Suggested to Play With My 4-Year Old Son Early This Morning

Games I suggested to play with my 4 year old son early this morning:

1. The Lets Pretend Sleeping Game
2. The Statue Game
3. Who Can Not Speak or Talk the Longest Game
4. Who Can Hide Far Away the Longest Game

We played Game #3, but it only lasted for 3 minutes.

The joys of sleepless parenting.

I need new game ideas... that will work! Any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How Does This Evangelical Look at Catholicism?

Growing up surrounded by Catholics in the Philippines, I share my colleague Gina's thoughts on what evangelicals share in common with Catholics. I respect the Catholic faith and although I was brought up to think this way, I don't consider all Catholics as non-Christians. In fact, my favorite prayer is The Lorica or St. Patrick's Breastplate which I read from time to time in the morning.

Below are some highlights from Gina's article that can be read in full here.

Out of ignorance, or misinformation, or sometimes just a fervent desire to separate themselves from error, many well-intentioned evangelical Christians believe and spread gross untruths about Catholicism. In my experience, many are unwilling to engage with Catholics themselves on these issues; they prefer to get their information, such as it is, secondhand.

She added...

And on a larger scale, I’m suggesting that the Catholic faith doesn’t deserve to be treated like the redheaded stepchild of Christianity.

I agree! And,

I’m not trying to deny the differences between Protestantism and Catholicism. They’re very real and very important. Even Chuck Colson and Father John Neuhaus, in their seminal document Evangelicals and Catholics Together, acknowledged as much: “Our communal and ecclesial separations are deep and long standing. We acknowledge that we do not know the schedule nor do we know the way to the greater visible unity for which we hope.” They added, however, “We do know that existing patterns of distrustful polemic and conflict are not the way.” 

And, finally...

But despite all the teachings I don’t understand or don’t agree with, I believe that there’s truth in the Catholic Church, and that this truth is a valuable common ground where evangelicals and Catholics can come together and try to do away with those “patterns of distrustful polemic and conflict.”

(Read more: The Things We Share, BreakPoint.org)