Monday, September 28, 2009

Predictions, Part 2

A prediction could simply be an optimist's sword thrust through the fog of uncertainty. If I have become more optimistic about our future as a people of God, then be that as it may.

Immediately after I heard President Marcos reacted to the prodding of ABC's Sam Donaldson by announcing that he will call for a snap election, I turned and said to my wife that only Corazon Aquino can unite the opposition that would put an end to the conjugal disctatorship of the Marcoses.

The culture of shameless corruption nurtured and grown by the past two administrations can only be reversed by the tandem of Noynoy and Mar. We are talking of at least 12 years of government systems rehabilitation. I believe the Filipino people see that as well.

Yesterday, Senator Legarda has hinted that she will be withdrawing from the presidential race. In an interview, she said that it's better not to run anymore and instead use campaign funds to finance humanitarian works and that it bothers her to think of spending millions for political ads while so many are badly in need of help.

Surveys show that Senator Legarda does not stand a chance of winning. So, she is right in thinking that it would be a waste to spend millions in a losing battle. This was part of my prediction early on.

I believe, though, that Senator Legarda can still do a lot of good in her current position. If I were a friend of hers, I would urge her to join the Liberal Party and its reform movement. We are at the gates of a turning point in the history of our nation and she, with her brains and beauty, fame and fortune, could be a significant part of it by inspiring Filipino women to be masters of their patriotic fate and not be servants in foreign soils.

I am glad to hear that Governors Padaca and Santos-Recto are staying put as leaders of their respective provinces. Governor Panlilio should seek reelection, as well. We need good governors, good mayors and good barangay chairs as much as we need a good president to accomplish a national transformation that will make our nation great.

I am predicting good governance under the Liberal Party's moral leadership and homecoming for millions of Filipinos now working abroad - - in the next 12 years.

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