Thursday, September 24, 2009

God's Gift of Intimacy

Manila Standard Today reported on 09/24/09 that Catholic bishops stepped up the pressure yesterday and urged congressmen not to attend sessions to pass a family planning bill that they oppose, but 170 lawmakers showed up to answer the quorum call anyway.

These Catholic bishops believe that the only reason why married couples should engage in sexual intercourse is to procreate. They know nothing of God's gift of intimacy to the union of a man and a woman. They need to read the Bible. The Song of Solomon celebrates marital intimacy for intimacy's sake. And think on these words for married men from Proverbs 5:18-19,

Let your fountain, the wife of your youth, be blessed, rejoice in her, a lovely doe, a graceful hind, let her be your companion; you will at all times be bathed in her love, and her love will continually wrap you round.

Wherever you turn, she will guide you; when you lie in bed, she will watch over you, and when you wake she will talk with you. NEB

House Bill 5043 seeks a national policy on reproductive health and population control. It does not seek to legalize abortion in anyway shape or form. What this bill seeks is to allow Filipino married couples enjoy the divine gift of intimacy without feeling guilty that they are violating God’s will.

These Catholic bishops who are putting political pressure on our lawmakers know nothing about marital intimacy because they have taken the vow of celibacy. This is an aspect of life they know nothing about. What they should do is feed the malnourished and hungry among us. They have lots of money. What do you think they eat at the Vatican? Rice and sardines?

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