Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Christian Responsibility

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In his viewpoint on August 31, 2009, Colson stated that, "An informed public is essential to the notion of self-government. We need to be able to make educated political decisions. That means - at a minimum - knowing who our representatives are and what they stand for. The whole process of representative democracy collapses without our participation."

This is one of the issues that you and I need to get others thinking - What do our representatives and senators stand for? We already know that massive cheating happens during elections so that our votes are not reflective of the final tally issued by the Comelec. So we ask ourselves, Does it really matter who wins? Particularly in the local elections? Or, will elected legislators end up in the pocket of the executive through the power of pork barrel, anyway? And will enough of these elected legislators effectively reduce the Congress to a mere extention of the executive department?

We stand at a crossroads. There is a small window of opportunity. I believe that Senator Aquino and the Liberal Party have the right stuff to force this coming elections issue-based and get our electoral process back on the right track.

I also believe this: Without the college and tech students and young-adult-earners' participation in engaging Philippine political and electoral issues of the day, we may completely lose our right to self-government.

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