Friday, January 30, 2009

"Short Time" Only?

I didn't know that there's a ban on "short time" (quick sex) admissions at Metro Manila motels until I read this article. The Supreme Court decided the ban is unconstitutional and a violation of personal freedom.

Although the proponents of the ban have good intentions - prevent the use of motels in illicit sex, prostitution and illegal drugs, they could have been more strategic and wiser in executing their goals.

Could the ban really curb the growing problems of illicit sex and drugs in the Philippines? I agree with the court's ruling on what they think is best to solve the problem,

“The behavior which the ordinance seeks to curtail is in fact already prohibited and could in fact be diminished simply by applying existing laws. Less intrusive measures such as curbing the proliferation of prostitutes and drug dealers through active police work would be more effective in easing the situation.”

Aside from implementing existing laws on illegal sex and drugs, whats more important and effective are more programs that strengthens healthy family values, promote good moral character and teach Biblical principles on relationships, sex and social responsiblity to all Filipinos.

Filipinos deserve better than weak and temporary answers to our social problems. Filipinos need strong, realistic and long-lasting solutions... Bawal ang "short-time!"

Do you agree?

(image from The Philippine Star)

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