Friday, January 2, 2009

The Greatest Filipino Who Ever Lived

(Filipino Christian Blogger) Tanong ng Filipinos Voices blog... If we're to vote for the BEST FILIPINO who ever lived, who would most likely be in the short list and who will get the most votes?

Here are the nominees (click nyo na lang yung name for information about the person kasi wala akong time mag-summarize).

The Sure Ins
Jose Rizal
Andres Bonifacio
Past Leaders
Diosdado Macapagal
Ramon Magsaysay
Ferdinand Marcos
Manuel Quezon
Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino
The Arts
Fernando Poe Jr.
Atang Dela Rama
The Saints
San Lorenzo Ruiz
Jaime Cardinal Sin
Pedro Calungsod

Kung ako ang tatanungin si my vote goes to Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino. Until now, hanga ako sa tapang nya para harapin ang kanyang kamatayan. Di ko makalimutan yung bilin nya sa mga reporters bago sya lumabas ng plane to get their cameras ready to record every moment of his arrival because his life can be over in a split second. Naniniwala ako at naconfirm ko sa aking boss na si Chuck Colson that his motivation to die for the Philippines is not only because he loves the Filipinos but because He love the Almighty. Sabi nga ni Chuck sa akin his final phone conversation with Ninoy before he left for the Philippines and he said "if I die, I know I will be with Jesus." Ninoy really felt that he was called to give his life to the Filipinos. Serving and dying for the Filipinos to honor God deserve my vote as the greatest Filipino who ever lived.

Who would you nominate or vote for?


  1. I'm not a Marcos loyalist, but I think, without the hunger for power and money, he could have been a great leader. I like his leadership capability, his intelligence (the only guy who can deliver speaches without idiot boards), his vision for the country when he first became the president. Oh well, the hunger for money and power disqualified him.

  2. I agree. Marcos could have been the greatest president. The country used to be in top economic form compared to other Asian countries during his early years in leadership but he also pulled the plug and ruined his legacy.