Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Statistics on Filipino Youth

Thanks to Basta Lovelife podcast I heard some interesting updates on the state of the Filipino youth. Referring to a national study, host Kuya Kevin reported at least 40% of Filipino teens in Manila engage in premarital sex, 23% of all Filipino teens are young mothers, 75% of young Filipino men are exposed to pornography and 400,000 abortions are estimated to occur every year.

It's a little troubling but as I commented on his blog about the statistics, I said... I’m not surprised. I read a similar study on American teens that showed somehow similar results. Someday the two cultures will mirror each other. Teenagers need to learn how to make good choices - choices that are morally objective and not subjective or based on “how I feel”. The best way to establish that is to teach them how to live Christianly and have a Godly perspective in everything. I believe many Filipino teens are way ahead on this aspect than their Western counterpart and that’s one good news I want to highlight.

The young generation need their "love life" to be based on Biblical guidelines because only in the context of God's principles they can live their relationships healthy and few heartbreaks. Nothing beats the Bible as the greatest relationship book of all time.

(data @ State of the Philippines Population Report, 2002).


  1. Thanks for mentioning the blog! I don't think I said 23% of teens are mothers, but I'd have to go back and check. Stats can be kind of confusing so I try to be very careful in using them.

  2. You're welcome. Feel free to make the correction. Ill be happy to update the post online.