Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love Life & Twilight - Part 2

I got a comment from my previous post on Twilight that Christians should stay away from these kinds of movies.

Although the comment made sense to me, I must say I disagree with turning my back away on the book and movie. As Christians we should see and read these popular entertainment influencing the young Filipinos even more. Do you agree? Only this way you and I can discern, rate and guide the young or less experienced generation to question and think critically about the media they see today.

Although it's hard to change and regulate the contents in Philippine and Hollywood media, teaching young people to think critically guided by Biblical principles will equip them to filter the various messages they see everyday and in turn help them make wise and healthy choices.

Just for FYI. Twilight is the third top grossing film in the Philippines in 2008. Click here to view full list.

Click here for a different perspective on Twilight via Christianity Today.
You decide!

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