Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love Thy Neighbor's Dried Fish

Loving their neighbors must be tough for these New York nuns, as they are up against a popular Filipino delicacy called tuyo (salty dried fish). According to the article, the nuns are suing a Filipino couple for cooking tuyo and another popular dish, tinapa (smoked dried fish). Both have a strong "foul" smell that all Filipinos love.

I’m Filipino, and this was a dilemma at our house too. We gave up on the dish some time ago out of courtesy for others. We can’t cook it indoors because it will stink up our condo and clothes, but can't fry it outdoors either because it will offend our neighbors (as happened with our next-door Filipino neighbor who fried fish last summer).

What do you think of the story and what would you do? Is this a racial issue, an ethical issue, or just an issue of respect?

(originally posted on The Point)

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