Sunday, January 31, 2010

Psyched 100 Days Before the Philippine Elections, May 10

I'm totally psyched this week because of my social media class at Georgetown. I'm ready to learn from my professors and begin hands-on application of the various social media platforms online. We're required to write 18 blog posts and I'll be posting my blog assignments on the The Living Rice in the next three months or so - please pardon me if you see entries that are not related to what I usually post on this site (requirement lang po sa eskwela).

But what I am most proud of, I was invited to be a contributor for 100 Araw (100 days) a group blog project that aims to feature news and commentaries of the Philippine National elections on May 10th from Filipinos of various disciplines, fields and points of view. I am honored to be part of this project and collaborate with other Filipino bloggers around the world. I feel like in my own little way, I am helping Filipinos to be informed and engaged in the Philippine election process. Please bookmark or subscribe to its RSS feed.

The end of the semester and election day in the Philippines will fall almost the same time. I'll be busy fulfilling my school requirements and commitment in sharing my voice for As I count the days closer to the last day of school and a new administration to take office in the Philippines, I hope this experience will also take me some steps closer in becoming a well-rounded communications professional and a responsible and influential Filipino. 

Let the count down begin!


  1. Jason, I'm following you. Care to follow me? I hope all is well with your exciting invitation to blog professionally!

  2. I have your site bookmarked and RSS subscribed.