Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What the Future Holds

In demand na naman ang mga psychic at manhuhula tuwing new year. Sa hirap ng buhay, madami ang handang gumastos kapalit ng assurance na madaming swerte ang dadatuing sa buhay nila. Very comforting malaman ang future but dangerous din.
Sabi nga ng boss ko...Only God knows what the future holds. And in His infinite wisdom, He hasn’t chosen to reveal it to us. Perhaps, that’s because He wants us to walk closely with Him, relying on Him for strength for this day and the days to come. So if you’re tempted to always want to know what lies ahead, look instead at what lies within your grasp: the hand of a good God who wants an in-the-moment relationship with you. His promise to never leave you nor forsake you, is a sure thing, no matter what your future holds.

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to The Living Rice blog.


  1. Happy Anniv and Salamat sa reminder!
    There's this article by cito beltran of the Philippine Star. Email ko sa yo and link.

    All blessings more to your writing! - Vikki

  2. Thanks Vicky! Ill post the article as well.