Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pray for Haiti

Raw footage of the earthquake that hit Haiti found on Youtube recently reminds me of the 7.7 Richter scale earthquake that devastated the northern Philippines in 1990 that killed more than 5000 people.
I can still vividly remember where I was when the earth shook. But the memory I can’t forget was watching Dolly, a high school girl interviewed live on TV while trapped inside her collapsed school buidling. The video showed her begging for water and the following day an image of a trapped lifeless girl covered with concrete dust was shown. I also know someone whose mother, Sonia was trapped in a collapse hotel, but her fate was entirely different from Dolly. Sonia ate toilet paper and drank urine to survive under piles of rubble and then got rescued after 36 hours. She is now a successful community leader and shares her story of survival to inspire others.

Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world and its hard to even imagine what the people of Haiti feel now that another catastrophe hit their already struggling nation. Reports say that hundreds of thousands may have been killed and 1/3 of its entire population may need emergency aid. The gravity of the situation makes one feel helpless. But are we really helpless? In times like this, I try to remember 3 things that you and I can do:

Stay informed. Follow the news so you will know how to help and get updated on important information to discuss and pass on to your friends.

Give. Share whatever you have to victims or to those who help them. You can give money, in-kind or volunteer time but before you do so, be sure to know who your giving your money or resource to.

Pray. The best call that we can do is the call to God. Pray for the victims and the ongoing rescue. Pray for the aftermath that Haiti will rebound soon and that it will produce survival stories that will inspire thousands and testify that life is "like vapor" and “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

(Image from BBC)

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