Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lessons from Kimmy Dora

The last few days of my recent Christmas vacation was spent catching up on the Filipino movies I missed in 2009 with my wife. One flick that I made sure I get a glimpse of was the Kimmy Dora. An indepedently produced comedy which stars Eugene Domingo, Ariel Ureta, Dingdong Dantes, et al. The positive reviews the film got commending the lead actor, script writers and director were well deserved. The film was well done and was truly entertaining.

But do we watch movies only to be entertained? I hope not, as I said before as Christians we shouldn't lose ourselves in the art of cinema and look at movies more than just a form of entertainment. We should train ourselves to see movies as a new way of delivering beauty and moral truth to our world.

I was orginally planning to compose a list of values one can learn from the movie until I stumbled upon a good review by experienced columnist Ricky Gallardo which has a well written list of life lessons from twins Kimmy and Dora. Im posting the list below:

1. Family first. The family comes first, always. No matter how different we are from our siblings, our parents or relatives, they are the givens in life that we cannot change. In the end, when everyone has deserted you, you can always come home to your family.

2. Loving unconditionally. In the movie, we saw how the dad (played by Ariel Ureta) expressed his love for both daughters, even if Kimmy did not truly deserve it. The dad was not just fair, but he was extremely patient and understanding in dealing with difficult situations, especially the fights between his twin girls. We also saw how Dora, the more intellectually challenged of the twins, rose above her mental and physical limitations to continuously try to show everyone, especially her nasty sister, that it is not difficult to be nice and loving and uncomplicated. Her love for her twin was unconditional.

3. Kindness to animals. Dora brought home a mutt that figured in an accident and a rich girl like her treated the poor dog as if it were a pure-bred canine. Meanwhile, her bitchy twin did everything to get rid of the dog. 

4. Love transcends the physical. Johnson, the twin girls’ love interest (played by Dingdong Dantes), reminds everyone that we should look beyond the physical to be able to truly appreciate a person. He saw something special in Dora’s simplicity and her innate goodness, and he expressed this to her. Oftentimes, we forget that a little affirmation and a good deed to people can make a big difference in their lives and the way they feel about themselves.

5. Love can never be forced. No matter how much we love someone, if the other person does not feel anything for us, then we should just let the feeling—or the fantasy—go. Love that is forced often leads to tragic outcomes. No matter how much Kimmy feels for Johnson, it won’t work because she doesn’t even know how to love.

6. Never steal someone’s lover.

7. Appreciate the people around you. Gertrude, the secretary of Kimmy (played by Miriam Quiambao) has served her boss for so many years. Even if she is her constant shock absorber and the recipient of all her boss’s rudeness, Gertrude remains a loyal employee. 

8. Asking for forgiveness. It s not hard to ask for forgiveness. It is never difficult to change and correct whatever wrong we have done if we are truly sincere about wanting to. Even if it’s not in her character, Kimmy mustered enough guts to say sorry to Dora when she realized how wrong she was and how evil she had been to her.

9. Just be nice. Surprisingly, this is something some people have difficulty achieving in their lifetime. I do not understand why there are people who choose to whine, complain, demand attention, or be just plain rude. It is so easy to be pleasant, polite, courteous, uncomplicated—in short, to be sincerely nice.

10. Everyone is special. We are all different. We have different gifts and talents. We were brought up differently. We are all unique beings. We just have to respect others for who they are. We cannot change people but we can always be instruments in making people feel good about themselves. We can also be bridges in making others become better and happier people.

See below for the full trailer of Kimmy Dora.

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