Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Superstition on the Richter scale"

Thanks to my friend Vicki, I stumbled upon this article from Cito Beltran. As I mentioned on my previous blog post, popular ang mga psychic at manghuhula ngayong bagaong taon and Beltran shares what to him really brings true fortune to his family. His suggestion number 4 is really the key and meat of the entire article. Gusto ko yung commentary nya about the Filipinos at ang sinabi nya na true source of good fortune:

Consider this, you are probably a Catholic, less likely a protestant, perhaps a “born again”, remotely, you maybe a “Muslim”. If someone ever raised the question of what religion you practice, you would have no second thoughts stating or filling out the answer.... most Filipinos practice pagan, imported practices in pursuit of Good luck or good fortune during the coming of the New Year. Most of the practices we observe are generally those promoted by the high priests and priestesses of Philippine media who have promoted myth and idolatry, fiction instead of fact.... I have followed the instructions of God’s operating manual. Just like law books and medical journals, it’s not a matter of interpretation but application. The good fortune it brings is one that has been passed on from generation to generation. It is factual record and not modern day cult legend or popular myth promoted by TV stars, talk show hosts or magicians... good fortune is not simply about having lots of money or being popular. Good fortune is about being content, being grateful, being happy. It’s about having a loving family, good health and above all, being in a real relationship with God.

You can read entire article here.

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