Monday, January 11, 2010

Marriage Contract Expiration Date: Deal or No Deal?

GMA 7 news reported that Filipino feminist group, 1-ABAAM were proposing a 10-year expiration date on marriage contracts and failure to extend the contract automatically makes the marriage null and void (click here to see video report). Though I know the effort is a long shot from ever happening, the subject can still be considered alarming since proponents and their liberal agenda made it to prime time local news.

Adapting from an article I read, the assault on marriage  "uses the rhetoric and language" of choice and the marketplace to make it sound attractive and convenient to everyone. The market rhetoric is a subtle disguise on a group's extreme liberal agenda and their goal to create the perfect independent woman. This worldview is deceptive and dangerous to Filipino families.

What do you think will happen if marriage simply become a "contract" and stopped being a holy matrimony? Its anything goes! Both parties are free to negotiate and demand terms of their contract. Instead of the solemn vow made before God and the community, it becomes a "business deal" where the main rule is to get what I want and get the best end of the deal. It will weaken important values such as generosity and self-sacrifice essential to a healthy family. Because it will encourage selfish actions and destroy families, expiration dates on marriage contracts is a "NO DEAL!"


  1. Out of being self-centered, this group of women proposed this marriage expiration contract. They are pushing away the possibility of enjoying a strong marriage bond, and keeping an alarm clock that should tell it's time to separate ways instead. Nonsense proposals.

  2. Nonsense proposal!! Considering that the representative of this group don't even experienced being married to someone. Don't propose a law against something that you don't even understand and experienced!

  3. Actually for some people, they are saying that matrimony is sacred, but they don't even respect their partner, so what for? I guess 10 years is enough for you to realize how numb you are being with someone who doesn't love you anymore.

  4. i don't agree with Marriage Contract expiration but I agree to follow same rules as the advance nation are doing to have Divorce. Not all couples ends in "Happily ever after.." so why they need to carry that mistake for the rest of their lives after they say "I do.." for not even 2 seconds??? Children who are the one who suffer. More and more illegitimate children appear now a days because one of their parent is married to someone and holds that piece of document.

    ANNULMENT is for rich people.... that is the privilege that they have that poor and average people can not have to free themselves from the mistake they made...

    WAKE UP FILIPINO PEOPLE!!!! let us face reality... POLITICIAN.. Stop your personal interest. Religious party.. be compassionate to all individual. not as a group... HELLOO!!!!!

  5. i can't believe this idea came from a so-called "group of women"!!!! mas lugi mga babae dito eh!

  6. 10years is too long for me,sana kahit 5years lang and sana may category like,if they want a marriage na may expiration dun sila,but if they want no expiration dun din sila,

    for me people saying NO DEAL to this matter is the people na hindi nila na e experince ang bad marriage relationship,

  7. it is well written in the bible and God said there "kinasusuklaman ko and diborsyo", well seen na divorce is a kind sin, e di expiration nalang diba...hindi pa sya in a way na my force ang separation

  8. i would like to marry one philipina as a conctract .. basis if u have any one interested send me mail .. my email i d is i am 34 years old from indian, working in jeddah as a Engineer...


  9. okay na okay yan..kasi maraming babae o lalaki man ang nakatali sa kasal na (walang divorce at kung may annulment man napakamahal) na hindi naman na maligaya at puro parusa ang dinadanas sa kanilang napangasawa...Meron kinasal din na pinilit ipakasal ng magulang ....

    Sana nga maaprroved na yan..

  10. hindi triakla nd error ang marriage!

  11. i would like to vote "DEAL" to marriage contract expiration.

    hi.. i will just share my story..
    i dont care if you read it or not,.
    i'll just express myself..


    so here it goes.
    i have been married for 1 month already.. my girlfriend got pregnant, and we were forced to get married by our parents, her mother doesnt like me, but still let her daughter marry me. i said you give birth to that child first before we marry each other. even though lots of negative thoughts are coming, we still manage and condition ourselves that we will have a happy family. we make ourselves believe that we can make it.. shit! its not easy.. even though how hard you try.. only partners with TRUE LOVE can survive MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!

    i hate my wife so much..
    she is really not my type..
    i dont know how i came up like this with her..

    crying.. ='(

  12. at the guy who posted last april 25,2011
    the man who hate his wife...
    alam mo ur an idiot..fuck and damn.

    sana di mo xa binuntis para di ka nagsisi,it was also ur child that you hated for not only ur wife..if u hate her iwan mo xa...mas mgiging hapi xa kc wala k kwenta lalaki..wala ka bayag!!!

    find someone who satisfied you.and fuck you are you will lose eveything at yang asawa mo na hate mo..he will make your life a burden..worst than ever.

  13. Hello... I just want to know what are the benefits and advantages if this marriage contract expiration will be implemented in terms of practicality issue.
    I hope someone will help me. Because we will be having a debate regarding in this issue.
    By the way I'm on the affirmative side:)
    thank you!


  14. i'm looking for more positive side of having marriage contract expiration. i just need it for our debate. thank you!