Monday, February 1, 2010

Pessimistic About Smartmatic?

Public cynicism toward politics seems to be an all-time high. Many express disgust for the political process and many are unhappy with the corruption and dishonesty that are expected to occur during election season. That’s why I am hopeful that COMELEC is boldly going where no Philippine election has gone before, automated polling.

The more I read about Smartmatic’s automated election system, the more I am convinced that the Philippines will finally get accurate honest election results this May, that is if the computerized ballot boxes will work. Unfortunately many are also pessimistic about the automation.

Smartmatic’s delay in delivering poll machines and technical flaws exposed during its test run was a public relations nightmare for the company. It raised more doubts if the Philippines is capable to pull off the first computerized election in history.

If Smartmatic and COMELEC don’t get it act together and prove to the public the efficiency and benefits of high-tech canvassing system, then we’ll be back to familiar grounds and end up doing manual elections after all. Is this what Filipino voters want? COMELEC is confident that no problems will occur on the automation. Voters should support their claim and be responsible citizens by being well-informed on how the system will work.

Part of the responsibility is also to be watchful for posible fraud and continue hold COMELEC accountable to make sure the integrity of the first computerized election will not be compromised with more delays, technical glitches and security problems.

Automation is uncharted territory in the Philippines and May 10th will judge if the multi-million pesos Filipinos paid from their pockets to Smartmatic was well spent. I’m hopeful that it will not disappoint.

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  1. Ask venezuelan about Smartmatic and you won't be so candid optimist

  2. That doesn't sound too good. Not a good sign. Thanks for the comment.