Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WEEKLY BLOG #2: Will the World's First Blogger Please Stand Up?

Names that claims to be the world's first blogger is shady. As CNET News said, 

Awarding the bragging rights a the first blogger is more than a little tricky because the definitions of "blog" and "blogger" are slippery. Any definition should probably include posts sorted by date, with the newest posts at the top and the rest archived for future use. 

Scott Rosenberg, author of the the book Say Everything agrees as you can tell on an entertaining video blog he posted online to track down the first blogger to walk on the surface of the Earth.

My first venture into blogging was in 2006 when I was asked to be a regular contributor for The Point - BreakPoint's official weblog. I was alarmed because English was not my first language and I didn't think I'll be able to measure up with the experienced writers on The Point. Now, four years have passed I am still actively blogging for The Point and last year created my first personal blog The Living Rice. It gave me a platform to not only to express my thoughts but it opened the door to influence people on social causes I care about. 

Through blogging I was able to talk and write confidently regardless of what's going on or who am I talking to. Im learning to voice my opinions and take some risks. I am able to command more respect and others to see my value. It's pushing me to reach for excellence on the things I want to say and the way I write. It gave me a sense of freedom and boldness for my true self to shine through.

The mystery remains on who the first blogger really is, but whoever you are, you deserve the recognition for the many opportunities that came out of your first blog. You pioneered shaping the opinions of many and becoming more popular that tradition media. Blog influences opinions and impacts governments, business, media and how people run their lives. You're a trailblazer in connecting people. Blogs creates new communities, breaking down geographical barriers for people to engage in meaningful conversations. Lastly, you opened the door and gave people a voice. Blogs allows those who have not been heard to shout their hearts and thoughts to the world- and the message resonates loud and clear from voices not from me but from the 133 million blogs around the world

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