Thursday, February 25, 2010

RESPONSE BLOG #1: The Dancing Inmates of the Philippines are Back! But is it for Good?

The dancing prisoners of Cebu in the Philippines are back. This time one of Michael Jackson's choreographers was flown in from the U.S. to teach inmates a new dance routine to top their original "Thriller" performance in 2007 that made them an instant viral video sensation.

The routine was part of Prison Chief Byron Garcia's program for inmate rehabilitation through dance and fitness. But while many were entertained by the prisoners, not all were impressed by their synchronized dance moves. My own feelings on the dancing inmates have changed since I first blogged about them two years ago.

What many don't know is that numerous complaints have been filed against Byron Garcia; his sister, the governor of Cebu; and wardens at the prison facility since 2004 by a local human rights group called Karapatan for alleged inhumane treatment of inmates. The group believes prisoners are forced into the routines and are harassed and blackmailed if they refuse to participate.

This story may bring us to look at the dances from a whole new point of view. Because if it’s proven true that the inmates were forced to dance against their will and their dignity violated, then there's no rehabilitation done after all.

Image from the Pinoy Examiner

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  1. I Agree but there's already a more updated news about this. they're no longer dancing coz Governor is auditing the money earned. I don't know..but one thing is for sure, it's making cebu and the prisoners famous