Friday, February 12, 2010

PERSONAL BLOG #1: Celebrating Tim Tebow

The pro-life movement almost went nuts over Tim Tebow's Super Bowl ad aired last Sunday. Below is the clip and you decide if commercial was worth the fuss. Tell me what's so controversial about it? Personally, I didn't see anything divisive, political or anti-choice on the ad.

But whichever side you're on, I think we can agree that the hype the ad created prior to its broadcast brought a lot of attention to Focus on the Family - the organization that sponsored the ad, it's cause and Tebow family story and their heart to help the country of my birth the Philippines

I don't follow college football so I don't know much about 2007 Heisman Trophy awardee, Tim Tebow is until I read a read a full article on Filipinas Magazine. I quickly became a Tim Tebow fan but not because we share the same faith and pro-life position but because of his family's long history of serving Filipino children in Mindanao - located South of the Philippines. Bob and Pam Tebow (Tim's parents) felt the call to be missionaries in the Philippines and moved the entire family of six to Mindanao in 1985. The Tebow's are now back in the United States, but their Filipino ties remains strong feeding many Filipinos food for their hungry bodies and soul. Through the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association the Tebow's conducts annual summer mission trips (with Tim of course), runs an orphanage, church planting and pastors training. 

Filipinos don't follow American football. So the chances of Tim being recognized as a celebrity is slim. But thats OK, you don't have to be a big star to win the hearts of the Filipinos. One just need to celebrate life and family and judging from the "controversial" Super Bowl ad, the Tebows are always winners in the Philippines.

(Image courtesy of The Associated Press & Elev8)

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