Saturday, August 1, 2009

Corazon Aquino, Destined to be Loved and Remembered by Her People

Corazon Aquino was destined to be loved and remembered by her people. She was an instrument of intervention made by a compassionate and merciful God. I also believe that Cory will be the first to say that it is really her husband, Ninoy, who deserves to be remembered by a people so loved and believed to be worth dying for by a great man who could have accomplished much and made a meaningful difference in the lives of millions.

When sold to the Midianites, Joseph’s brothers meant it for evil; but we learn later on that God meant it for good. When Ninoy was assassinated upon his return from exile, the masterminds of this atrocious and scornful crime meant it for evil, but God - who continues to work in mysterious ways – meant it for good. The success of the consequential People Power revolution remains to be the Filipino People’s one moment in time. Those needing encouragement in keeping the faith in common people’s struggle against tyranny and for self-determination and democracy, that it can succeed, can look back to this glorious event of a peaceful and courageous quick response to the call of national duty. A blood bath was avoided because there were enough who were willing to die for the good of their country.

When the need arises again (which I think is just a matter of time) when someone is asked to be the sacrificial lamb for the sake of our people’s well-being, I believe that many will follow in the footsteps of Corazon Aquino.

Ninoy and Cory Aquino will grace our history books for always.


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