Monday, August 31, 2009

One More Movement

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported on 08/31/09 that the Moral Force Movement was launched by Chief Justice Reynato Puno and others at the Far Eastern University. Calling for moral transformation Justice Puno said that the movement seeks to solve the country's moral decay and to respond to the need to elect transformational leaders. In their speeches, other conveners said that the movement would guide the public in choosing a transformation leader and called on them to join and work together and nurture the values that our parents have taught us.

For an idealist like myself, it is good to know that there are others out there who are pushing for a moral transformation in our country. The reason I founded Lambat Ministries is to work toward the realization of a vision: A morally transformed and prosperous Philippines by 2026. For this cause, my wife and I have pledged our time, abilities and resources - coram Deo.

Earlier this year, I received a text from one of our participating pastors urging me to submit Lambat's proposal for values formation ASAP to Assistant Secretary Tobias at the Malacanang Palace. I did that and my proposal which includes the what, how and how much of values formation in the Philippines has been sitting (I am told) on her desk since then. In that proposal, I quoted President Arroyo as saying, We must teach the values that Jesus brought into this world. That was five months ago.

I do not know how deeply President Arroyo understands and believes the values that Jesus brought into this world but I could not agree with her more. It is a paradigm shift that we need in this country, a shift in our life and world view. I do not know what philosophy of life this latest movement for moral transformation headed by Chief Justice Puno is embracing but I certainly hope it teaches the values that Jesus brought into this world. Because if it does not, like FDR's moral recovery program and Joey Lina's movement for righteous leadership, Moral Force Movement will fail.

Lambat's values formation program is founded on the triad of the True, Good and Right. We define True (not Fact) as that which is in accordance to the Word of God. Good is what is pleasing to God. Right is that which is in line with the will of God. Teachers of values owe it to our people to define these three things before they are asked to believe and join the movement.

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