Friday, August 28, 2009

When Filipino Children View Pornography

I got a good glimpse of the piracy industry in the Philippines the other night when I was watching CNN Talk Asia's feature on director Brillante Mendoza. In one segment, Mendoza was shown walking along a flee market of pirated CDs and DVDs near the Quiapo church now popularly known as "pirate street."

The image reminded me of how easy Filipinos specially children can see and get their hands on pornographic video. I myself got my first glimpse of pornography through bootleg betamax copies of adult movies. But its not only videos, a friend complained to me recently the growing number of sexualized billboard ads featuring underwear models mushrooming along main thoroughfares like EDSA.

Unfortunately, exposure to pornography and other sexualized media can adversely affect children (both boys and girls) and often lead to significant damage in their ability to form healthy relationships as an adult.

Focus on the Family's Rob Jackson tells parents the best solution to the problem. He said, the ultimate goal for our children's sexuality is that they will be able to see the dynamic interplay between sexuality and spirituality. As Christians, we want to help them understand, for example, that sexual intercourse is an act of love shared between a husband and wife. This sacred act symbolizes the spiritual union that will occur between Christ and His bride, the Church, upon His return to earth. We hope our sons will see themselves as a type of Christ as they relate to their wives, and that our daughters will see themselves as a type of the church as they relate to their husbands. What we model today in our marriages will likely reproduce itself in our children's marriages.

In conclusion, by helping our children see the big picture and God's design for the sanctity of sex, we are better prepared to confront the problem of pornography when and if it occurs in our children's lives.

(image from Outoftown blog)

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