Friday, July 31, 2009

Former Philippine President Corazon Aquino Dies

One of my personal heroes passed away, former Philippine President Corazon “Cory” Aquino lost her battle from colon cancer today. Cory Aquino was the widow of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and will be remembered as an icon of democracy when she led a popular peaceful revolt in 1986 that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the Philippines for 20 years. My boss Chuck Colson who was a personal friend of the Aquinos while they were living in exile in Boston described Cory in his book God & Government, “Cory Aquino, in her calm, firm, common-sense manner – just the opposite of a glib, polished professional politician – seemed to embody democracy. She was a housewife pressed into politics by the need of her nation.”

Indeed she was. Abiding to a higher power, and guided by her Catholic faith, she peacefully resisted and spoke against the immoralities of an oppressive government. She was doing more than overthrowing a corrupt ruler but also restoring and fulfilling a peaceful and democratic system that ruled the Philippines since it was founded. With minimum resistance she fought a good fight and brought justice and freedom back to the Philippines because her faith was unshakable and in maximum submission to Christ.

Thanks Cory! You will never be forgotten.


  1. Corazon Aquino was destined to be loved and remembered by her people. She was an instrument of intervention made by a compassionate and merciful God. I also believe that Cory will be the first to say that it is really her husband, Ninoy, who deserves to be remembered by a people so loved and believed to be worth dying for by a great man who could ... Read Morehave accomplished much and made a meaningful difference in the lives of millions.

    When sold to the Midianites, Joseph’s brothers meant it for evil; but we learn later on that God meant it for good. When Ninoy was assassinated upon his return from exile, the masterminds of this atrocious and scornful crime meant it for evil, but God - who continues to work in mysterious ways – meant it for good. The success of the consequential People Power revolution remains to be the Filipino People’s one.

  2. Several eulogies have been said by celebrities but the one message that struck me the most came from Jim Paredes.

    He talked about Cory's leadership and he admired the fact that she did not only believe in temporal leadership but that she acknowledged always the One who is unseen...

    I hope to find transciption of what Jim Paredes said and will share it to you.