Thursday, July 2, 2009

Filipino Christian Blogger: Say "No" to Transformers 2

I'm sure Transformers 2 is a big hit in the Philippines. Since its premiere, Transformers 2 attracted millions of moviegoers around the world (including the Philippines) making it earn an estimate of $170 million worldwide. But is the movie worthy of its blockbuster status? In my opinion, NO!

Indeed, the movie is full of robots and exciting action sequences that everyone may enjoy. But Transformer 2 is not a family movie. I can’t blame parents who brought their children to see Transformers because the film is heavily marketed to them. However, I blame the movie executives and director Michael Bay for filling the movie with profanity and sexual references not appropriate to the audience they’re marketing the movie to.

The irresponsibility of Hollywood to its global audience is reflected in the movie. Not only the film lacks a good intelligent plot, the film also exposes children to crude oral sex jokes, metallic sex organs, repeated F, S and A-hole words, butt shot of a scantily clad woman to name a few. Spending your hard earned money and 2 ½ hours of your lives to this movie is not worth it. Transformers 2 is a decepticon, a garbage in disguise and people specially young Filipinos should stay away from it.

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  1. Reading this positive review of Transformers 2 from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) make me wonder if an edited or "cleaner" version of the film was shown in the Philippines.