Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why I Went to Protest the Philippine President Outside the White House

Mga 40-50 people din kami sa labas ng White House kanina to stage a protest while President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) meets with Pres. Obama were in the White House. It was a fine day to hold a protest against GMA for US-based Filipinos like me like me to voice our concerns of corruption, human rights violations and Charter Change in the Arroyo administration.

My wife and kids were with me to witness the event. May mga press, plakards, speeches, songs and prayers for Filipinos specially those victims of human rights abuses. Tanong nga ng isa sa mga organizer ng event sa akin kung bakit ako nandito at kung ano ang galit ko kay GMA? Sabi ko wala, then I continued to say something like this, "I'm here to support Filipinos and ask for what is best for the whole country. I also came to help show Filipinos around the world to choose to be aware of what's going on in our home country and be involve in whatever capacity to help the Philippines."

Indeed it was a nice day, though GMA is still in office, wala akong galit kanino man at ilang mga kababayan natin sa US ang nakapag-protesta against human rights abuses, expose the administration's immoralities and demand moral accountability from GMA. I believe what I witnessed today are part of fulfilling our Christian duty to be willing to stand for justice and in defense of a higher law.


  1. this is actually on the news right this moment here in the Philippines as I'm writing my comment.

    Just told mom a friend of mine is there. Wow.. you really went ha. Kudos my brother!

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  3. I commend you and Praise for acting on your Christian conviction concerning justice and accountability.

    I was reminded of the protest we staged in front of the White House over 20 years ago just a few days or so before the Marcoses were forced out of the Philippines. Although not a participant, I was at the Heroes Day protest in Mendiola, video cam in hand, just before Erap was forced out of the presidential palace. Like you and your wife. I have a great love for the Filipino people and our land.

    Since the assassination of Ninoy Aquino, I had become an observer of the political, social and economic goings-on in the Philippines. ... Read More

    I agree with you. First, that elected government officials must be held accountable. And second, Christians must work for justice. But,I long for the day when activists such as you and I will hold our people accountable as well, and hold a similar kind of protest, placards and all, from time to time. After all, we get what we pay for; we are ruled by the rulers we, ourselves, place in positions of power. When the weak in a society is corrupt in small ways (like buying or selling... Read More votes), they will be corrupt in big shocking ways when they become strong (like when they get elected in high offices). When the Philippine Constitution is changed so that GMA eventually becomes prime minister, then we will know for certain that she never intended to serve the Filipino people which she pledged to do, but to perpetuate her authority over the entire nation.

    People power will never solve any political ill. Values formation will. A renewal of the Filipino mind is pre-requisite to hope.

  4. Sayang at malayo ako sa DC or I would've joined the protest, too.

  5. MsRay - thanks for the comment. Sayang nga, but there are various blogs where you can express your discontent with GMAs administration. Kung grumabe ang sitwasyon baka sa Hawaii o Florida (where are you now?) may magorganize ng protest. Its good to see you again.