Monday, July 20, 2009

Organ Trafficking Still Prevalent in the Philippines

According to a recent report (embedded video below), organ trafficking is still prevalent in the Philippines. In fact a World Health Organization reported that 400 kidneys were sold in the Philippines last 2008 ranking the country 5th in the world organ trafficking "hotspot." At least 40% of the kidney recipient were foreign nationals taking advantage of poor Filipinos struggling to make ends meet. It is said that donor are paid from $2000-$3000 per kidney. This is a serious problem, thus the strict implementation of the Anti-Trafficking Act or RA 9208 is urgently needed.

Organ donation is perhaps one of the greatest selfless deeds a person can do to someone. But the organ should be given freely and should never be coerced or bought. God designed human life to be sacred and valued. The selling of organs is not only unethical but it's a violation of the dignity of the donor and treats human life into something God never intended to be - a commercial commodity.

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  1. This because of poverty. And it's overpopulation that begets poverty. Thus, we have to support the RH Bill.