Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Philippines Teenage Smoking at Alarming Levels

Health experts have expressed alarm over the increasing number of Filipino women smokers as a result of the tobacco firms' strategy to make smoking look "glamorous and fashionable." According to a recent report, most affected are young girls between 13-15 years in which 30% or 3 out of 10 already have a smoking habit. This is alarming considering that tobacco consumption in developed countries like the United states has dropped due to successful campaigns on the dangers of smoking.

The Philippines need to have more anti-tobacco campaigns specially to directed to young Filipinos. But to be effective, campaigns should teach within a larger perspective or the right worldview that the human body is a gift and made from the image of God. Because when Filipinos understand this they will make good choices for their bodies and do more than just say no to tobacco and other bad habits but yes to honoring God.

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