Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Merry Christmas" not "Happy Holidays"

I recently receive a text message from my friend (itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang Kristan Cleto) who's from Los Angeles. The message says... I'm annoyed when people say "Happy Holidays." So what if there are Jews out there. Christ IS the reason for the season. I still say Merry Christmas to everyone. I somehow share his frustration. The political correctness of Christmas in the US is a major contrast from the Filipino Christmas celebration. In the name of not offending people of other faiths, "Christ" is being removed from Christmas. Happy Holidays" replaces "Merry Christmas" and the Nativity Scene (Belen) and Christmas carols with the birth of Jesus in its message are now banned in some public places. The Philippines is predominantly Catholics which makes political correctness of the season a non big issue. This is one thing I am thankful for. Children carollers, whether at you're house or at your car during rush hour traffic (mahirap iwasan at parang wala kang choice kasi nakatitig talaga sa yong mga mata) can openly sing "Joy to the World" and "O Holy Night" without fears of offending others. I give two thumbs up to the Philipppines' rich Catholic/Christian population and traditions for helping keep "Christ" intact and always part of the Christmas season.

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