Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cory is Sorry - What's up with that?

Dear Mrs. Aquino, I cant get over your apology. What's up with that? - Jason
I really like Cory Aquino and I consider Ninoy Aquino a personal hero but I can't contain my confusion on her public apology to former President Joseph Estrada for her involvement in the 2001 EDSA II rally that ousted Estrada from the presidency. Was she suggesting an Estrada administration is better than Arroyo? Why did Cory called for Estrada's resignation 7 years ago in the first place? Is the apology a stamp of approval on Estrada's past actions? I know she means well for publicly admiting her mistakes but I do hope its not a call to let Estrada get off the hook easily IF there are still some unresolved corruption charges on him. One thing that did come out from this is the positive show of humility and walang personalan attitude from Cory. Filipinos need to see such display of Christian values from influencial figures like her.
(image @ newsflash.org)

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