Thursday, December 18, 2008

Give Us this Day Our Daily Rice

As I posted last month on The Point blog the Voice of the People World Hunger Survey 2008 revealed that the Philippines ranked 5th where the population (survey respondents) reported that their families have not enough food to eat in the last 12 months. How did this happen? It's easy to point fingers to the government's corruption such as the recent Bolante Fertilizer scam. But that's a bigger problem that needs solution, to unsure budget allocated for agriculture will indeed go to projects designed to bring more food on the Filipino dinner table. As an immediate response, people of faith should look beyond themselves and intentionally look for those who are hungry and in need. I am sure it will not be hard to find some in our community. It's Christianly to help the weak and feed the hungry. We are commanded to do it. The next time you and I pray for our "daily bread," lets ask God to use us to give "daily bread" or " daily rice" to others who dont have enough.


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