Monday, December 22, 2008

7 of 10 Pinoys haven’t given up on RP

According to this article from Malaya, majority of Filipinos has not given up on the Philippines and will still choose to stay in the country than migrate somewhere else. This is good news despite of the ongoing problems in the country such as high food and gas prices, government corruption, unemployment, Cha cha, etc. Filipinos are generally optimistist about life in my opinion that's why I'm not surprised with the positive results of the survey. The common expression of hope that most Filipinos share is encouraging but I think what's more significant to recognize is that the feeling of hope is not as important as the object of hope. If it's Christ that majority of Filipinos get their hopes from then that for me is better news and worth celebrating.

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  1. Filipinos also tend to go back to the motherland to retire. Since a large majority of my customers are Filipinos, I hear about their stories and their hopes to return. I have several customers who either have been going back & forth to work on their "retirement" homes, going back permanently to retire, or have been flying back to the US only to visit family members. Of course, these are mostly seniors and those who have deep roots in the Philippines. I'd probably won't retire there since I'm not as deeply rooted as my husband, but I'd definitely visit.