Monday, October 26, 2009

Wanted: Godly Leaders, Part 3

After reading what Smartmatic’s international sales director had to say about the automated system that will be put in place to tally the upcoming election votes, I must say that I am more confident that we will get an accurate final result. Having said that, I still would insist on an audit report from a leading accounting firm that will certify to the fair presentation of tally reports to the Comelec.

Six months to go. I still say that this presidential election is between Senator Villar of the Nacionalista Party and Senator Aquino of the Liberal Party. I still say that we are going back to a two-party system. Most Filipino politicians are attracted to party resources and not to political platform or ideology. Therefore, the NP will get more of the balimbings. The LP, on the other hand, will get the progressives. I still say that Senator Aquino will win by a comfortable margin. 50% to Villar’s 40% with the remaining 10% divided among the standard bearers of the soon-to-be marginalized political parties.

Senator Escudero will find himself alone and abandoned by the people he thought will be there for him until the end. It will expose his lack of feel for the nation’s political reality show. His is a case of overconfidence. There is still time to back-out and salvage a possible Roxas-Escudero rivalry in 2016.

No one really believes in Senator Legarda anymore except political pundits. And no one really believes, either, that former President Estrada stands a chance of winning except for party loyalists.

Like Ramil, voters may change their minds a few times during survey season. At the end of the day, however, my prediction: Senator Aquino will prove that he is the better man, the one who can be trusted to work for the well-being of the Filipino. Our people will see both Ninoy and Cory in his personality.

A godly leader has certain qualities: wisdom, discernment, faith, loyalty, humility, integrity and courage. He also possesses certain abilities:

1. A godly leader has the ability to form a mental picture of a desired end. He sees what others may not, and his vision becomes his guiding light. He is a visionary.

2. A godly leader has the ability to perceive the different parts or details of a whole. He understands how something comes or holds together so that he can readily offer alternative solutions or corrective courses of action when problems come up. He is insightful.

3. A godly leader can communicate effectively. He has the ability to articulate and explain a vision, a concept, or an idea in such a way as to be clearly understood. He is a communicator.

4. A godly leader knows how to inspire his people so that they develop the attitude of performing to the best of their abilities. He helps them reach their full potential. He is a motivator.

5. A godly leader provides a sense of security. His commitment, competence, and confidence earn him the respect and trust of his people. They know that when the going gets tough, he will not quit on them or point his finger at them, but will keep on fighting for their well-being. He is an energizer.

6. A godly leader has the ability to rally his troops without having to make promises or resort to manipulation. His people sees him as someone who has no pretense. This kind of leader says what he means and means what he says. He provides his people with no false hopes. He is the real deal.

7. A godly leader leads by example and he is consistent. His people know just what they can expect of him. He is always at his best.

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