Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smart Move: Godly Leadership, Part 4

Senator Escudero just left the Nationalist People's Coalition. Good for him. He just learned a very valuable lesson in Philippines political reality show.

What would be a smarter move is if he decides to sit out this coming elections.

Then again, the smartest move he can possibly make is to endorse the candidacy of Senator Aquino. He then should join the Liberal Party - the party that will go down in Philippines history as the transformation party of Decada 2010 - and be identified with and among the Filipino Reformers who changed the course of our history.

Come 2016, after another brilliant (and it has to be nothing less than brilliant) senatorial stay, he could compete for the standard-bearer position in LP's presidential convention. Even if he proves unsuccessful, he would have better than even chances of landing the vice-presidential spot, depending on how effective Senator Pangilinan's performance will be.

And finally, he should call it "all in" come 2022. By then, he will only be 52 years old; still at his prime. And if he is dead serious about serving the Filipino people no matter what, he would have by then secured his place in Philippines history and would be leaving a legacy that will benefit future generations of a grateful nation.

The first step toward acquiring godly leadership qualities and abilities is to ask God for wisdom. King Solomon did it which proved pleasing to God. This is the urgent step Senator Escudero needs to take. Wisdom requires knowledge of God's word, will, and ways. Therefore the second step is to acquire wisdom by diligently studying the Bible, the source of the Christian religion. The third step is to apply what has been learned - allowing chips to fall where they may. Finally, the fourth step is easy because a person automatically becomes what he or she believes in. That step is to just be honest and true to oneself.

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