Friday, October 16, 2009

Wanted: Godly Leaders, Part 2

Now that Ondoy and Pepeng had left our shores and we are focused on rebuilding our national life, various government leaders say that it will take anywhere from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars to get our people back on their feet and repair the damages. As usual, our trusted public servants are getting ready to move us two steps forward and three steps back with their guess work ethic.

Now is the time to shout at the top of our voices, “Enough is enough!”

As I have said in previous blogs, I see a window of opportunity for us, Filipinos. I see the resurgence of a two-party system - latest surveys are proving me right - which will make it easier for the voting public to be able to judge who the better candidates are among those running for various offices. This will be good for us - - an opportunity to be able to cast an informed vote; an opportunity to be able to raise our spirit and say, “This vote is for you, Bayan Ko.”

Next year’s presidential elections will be between the Nacionalista Party and the Liberal Party. Politicians from the ruling party are beginning to abandon ship. Many have already decided they will become Nacionalistas. They are the opportunist-realists. Many more from the soon-to-be-marginalized political parties who tend to be practical idealists will join the Liberal Party. 80% of those who participated in recent surveys is telling us that this wind is blowing strong and the times, they are a-changing. So, at the end of the day, two political parties will remain standing.

What the electorate need to demand from both the Nacionalista Party and the Liberal Party is their platform. How will they address the pressing issues of the day?

  • How will they stop corruption in governments?
  • How will they reduce our national debt?
  • How will they balance the national budget?
  • How will they create jobs?
  • How will they improve our justice systems?
  • How will they address the problem of squatting?
  • How will they address the problem of exploding population?
  • What form of Federalism might be good for us?

Looking into the character of party key leaders is as important as sizing up their respective standard bearer. So, the electorate need to consider the leaders of both parties and ask, “What public good have they done?.” And how do Gilbert Remulla and Peter Cayetano measure up to Jovito Salonga and Franklin Drillon? Are they more knowledgeable, more innovative in the way they think, more politically skillful, or not?

Then, of course, the voting public need to zoom in on the character of Villar and his running mate as compared to Aquino and Roxas. Which tandem has the qualities of godly leadership that we need? Which combination possesses wisdom, discernment, faith, loyalty, humility, integrity and courage?

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