Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sino ang Tunay na "Biggest Loser?"

Isa sa mga TV show na pinapanood ko ngayon ay ang "The Biggest Loser." Ngayon ko lang sya pinanonood dahil kilala ko yung isa sa mga contestant. May auditions na rin for "Biggest Loser Asia" at posibleng magkaroon ng ilang contestant from the Philippines. Pero sino ba ang tunay na "biggest loser?"

Lahat tayo, we put a lot of time and money to stay fit and slim. Ako nga sanay at habit na ang pag-woworkout para magkaroon ng konting muscles ang katawan at mamaintain ang proper cholesterol levels. I wake up early, mostly before sunrise to go to the gym, spend $10 per month for gym membership, subscribe to Men's Health magazine and stopped eating white rice on week days. This is important because we should treat our bodies as God's temple. But do I put the same discipline into maintaining my spiritual health? Im guilty na minsan di gaano.

To stay spiritually healthy, we must have spiritual disciplines. This means we study and pray over the Bible, share our faith, get involved in church, and fellowship with other believers. Gaya ng regular physical workouts para maging healthy, kailangan nating lahat ang spiritual workout so we can live out our personal relationship with Christ. When we fail to do this and draw near to Him, we’re the biggest losers.

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