Friday, October 9, 2009

"Darna" Soars High

I saw an episode of GMA 7's top show Darna online the other day, and would like to share my initial thoughts on the series. First, technology in TV special effects has improved. Flying mid-air is a bit more realistic in this TV age than those during my time. There's still lots of room for technical improvement but its good to find less of the blue-screen background, smoke machine, and giant electric fan from the old days.

Second, the women in the show are gorgeous. Thought no one can beat Nanneth Medved in the early 90's for Darna-hotness, until Anjanette Abayari came along in the late 90's, and now, Spanish-mestiza, Marian Rivera has the title. Even the villains on the show no matter how de-glamourized they were with prostetic make-up still look beautiful for my eyes. Supports my earlier claim that Filipinas are one of the the prettiest women in the world.

Lastly, the show has an underlying theme of good winning over evil, kindness versus revenge and self-sacrifice to help others which for me soars high superpowers points for teaching positive moral values to many young Filipinos- like one writer said, its a good reminder that sometimes tales of the fantastic are better able to address the big themes of our lives in ways that more “realistic” fiction cannot.

The show is on primetime and for parental guidance.


  1. I watch with the twins once in a while... =) I feel like its also a good exposure for them...and malaking tulong sa pag-aaral nila ng tagalog =)