Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Filipino Christian Blogger is Back!

That's me! - one of the many Filipino Christian bloggers online who's trying to blog their heart out for the Kingdom and influence other Filipinos for the King of Kings. After a down time of relevant blog posts due to my hectic Spring graduate school semester, I am now back in normal schedule and hopefully back blogging again.

In case you forgot or new to this blog site, the Living Rice is a Filipino Christian blog that attempts to discuss everyday Filipino topics from a Christian worldview or Christian values perspective. I try to talk about various things but you'll notice that my bent is towards politics, family and entertainment (may pagka showbiz lang talaga ako!).

During my down time two blog posts were high on my web stats, the marriage contract expiration and Primitivo Mijares articles. If there's one common lesson that can be drawn out of the two different posts is that "man are capable of evil." God made us capable to sin, to love Him or defy Him as a basis of our human dignity.

It is my hope that this all Filipinos will look at their world through a Christian worldview perspective, to understand why evil exists and know how to fight it. We need to wrestle with these hard questions so we can become responsible disciples of Christ and be a godly influence the next generation of Filipinos.


  1. Hi Bro,

    I'm dropping by to say hi. I'm also a christian blogger from Pinas. Ingat po!