Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Voting is a Sacred Duty: Philippine Presidential Elections, May 10

Filipinos are scheduled to vote this May 10th for the next President of the Philippines. Christians I believe should lead in heading to the polls and set an example to other Filipinos that casting a vote shouldn't be taken lightly. As Christians, our perspective should be voting is a sacred duty - God, after all, ordains our leaders.

I know choosing a good leaders is not so easy. The endless speech promises and the festive campaign atmosphere may be more of a distraction than a way to educate voters about each candidates. That's why we need to rise above the speeches and prayerfully ask God for wisdom to pick candidates who will carry His purposes for the Philippines.

I agree with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines when they told voters not to believe the promises of candidates and to be more discerning and "mature" in choosing the country’s next leaders.

Filipinos need government leaders who will follow righteousness and will inspire others to do the same. We need leaders who will strengthen the moral spine of Filipinos and will live by example to rise above own self-interest. I know all candidates say they possess all those criterias, we just need to be responsible in filtering through the rhetoric and look pass the hype on each candidate. I admit, its not an easy task.

May God give us the leaders we need, not the ones we deserve. God bless the Philippines on May 10th.

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