Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GMA 7 Introduces the Hologram Effect in Election News Coverage in the Philippines

GMA 7 news coverage of the May 10th Presidential election introduces Filipino audience to the first hologram effect aired live in Philippine TV. It's the same technology CNN used for the first time in 2008 during the US presidential election (click here to see a clip). Its a switch from a typical split screen effect to a "live 3D" remote reporting from the station's field journalists.

GMA is obviously reinventing the wheel in high-tech news reporting to boost rating and stay ahead of its arch rival ABS-CBN news.

I dont know about you, but I don't personally get why GMA 7 has to through the hassle of presenting election news Princess Leia style. What for?

Call me old-fashion but I prefer the split-screen remote live camera correspondence with reporters. Isn't that the whole point of why reporters go to live events so that we can experience what news reporters see, hear and feel in the field?

What do you think?

GMA 7 explains below how the hologram technology works.

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  1. well they expalained how it will work..galing kaya..kahit papaanu maypagbabago....

  2. isang kasinungalingan naman ang gma7.. kaya hindi siya most credible at most trusted kasi mga sinungaling sila.

    abs-cbn news and current affairs is the most trusted media organization in the Philippines

  3. I saw something like this 9hologram" on the movie "Star Wars" and some other futuristic movies. Never thought we'd really come to use this technology.

  4. onin20 - I tend to gravitate towards GMA7 first for my news (mas madali kasing inavigate ang website nila) but I also check ABS-CBN News. Both have their own biases and style of reporting thats why I think its good practice to check both stations for news to get a balanced perspective.