Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So What? Many Filipinos Optimistic About Quality of Life & Economy

Some good news, an exit poll conducted by Social Weather Stations shows that 49% of Filipinos are optimistic that their quality of life will be better in the next 12 months after the election while, only 2% expect life to be worse. As for economic outlook, 52% of surveyed Filipinos are optimistic, while 2% are pessimistic.

How should you respond to this optimism? Simple lang, don’t crush dreams of others of having a better quality of life. It's so easy to be cynical during hard economics times and when the Philippines is transitioning to a new government. Often people say nagpapakatotoo lang or claim the state of reality for their pessimism. Instead, lets encourage one other to continue hoping for a better tomorrow. Remember the boy with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes? Rather responding with doubt or claiming magpakatotoo tayo, Jesus responded with joy and commended the young boy’s faith. Tayo din sana, and maybe in the process it will change us too to be optimistic and think more of others than ourselves, after all God is in control.


  1. Great reminder! Ken Boa in one of his podcasts said that our generation has more "riches" when compared to kings of the past. Even though they have kingdoms they don't have aircon,airplanes, skype, etc... really, ordinary people live better than kings when we think about it. So we should really be thankful for what we have right now.

    Love the photo. Did you take it? :)

  2. Thanks Vikki!
    I love Ken Boa's teachings. He's a good friend.
    I didnt take the picture.

  3. You've been featured on this post

  4. Thess - Big thanks for the feature. Sa uulitin :)

  5. I've enjoy Ken Boa's podcasts for 3 years now!
    Although his reminder that "reward in the kingdom of Heaven is based on faithfulness to opportunity" gives me an eerie feeling on how much of the teachings i heard from him did i apply. I've listened to over 500 mp3 files of his!

    But kindly tell him it's been very helpful and that i do desire to desire God :)