Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ted Failon Tragedy

Big news in the Philippines this week is the death of Ted Failon’s wife Trina and the involvement of the veteran broadcaster as one of the main suspect of the case. But what's more interesting and unexpected was the brutal conduct of the Philippine National Police during the arrest of the suspects without proper warrant (as reported on the above video) and the media's poor exhibition of journalism ethics as questioned by journalist and blogger Tony O. Cruz.

When God breathe life to humans, He meant it to be sacred. Thus, loss of human life (tragicy or not) is serious and deserves somekind of respect and dignity. I echo Tonyo’s final sentiment… We are already shocked by the incident and we do not wish to be shocked further by cruel and incompetent police actions and by media spectacles that trivialize the loss of a life. Even as the police must spare no effort to ferret out the truth, our law enforcers must also allow the affected family members and the nation to grieve.

Remember to pray for Ted Failon's family.

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