Monday, April 27, 2009

Mar Roxas & Korina Sanchez's TV Romance

Is this TV’s most shocking moment or what? Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez confirmed their engagement live on Wowowee. I don’t understand why ABS-CBN News allowed this stunt to happen specially with their top news anchor and journalist.

Yes, they are human beings to and they deserve to be happy, but one cant avoid thinking that their TV appearance is linked to the 2010 presidential election no matter how much Sen. Roxas denies it. Is it mere coincidence or politically planned?

Unfortunately, there’s no kilig factor on their public display of affection for me, in fact their lovey-dovey moment made me cringe and was appalled by the timing of it.

As for Willie Revillame, I know his public service intention to bring all presidential candidates to his show is good. But I hope he can do better than that next time. To help Filipinos know their presidential candidates, let set better standards to educate and inform them and not settle for palengke-style campaign. Because in choosing the next President, Filipinos need substance and competency not another love team.

Now, I wonder whats cooking on Eat Bulaga to top that.


  1. LOL! I just saw this last night and I was like,, what's the point?

    I don't mean to be rude or anything like that but, this kind of thing is a little bit odd. Ok, I agree with Willie saying "taong tao sila" but this is not the right venue for such things to be broadcast. I was not impressed.

    But if you will look at it in another angle, they did hit the right spot. Main stream media's PBA(Politics, Boxing, Artista) cook book still rules back home and most of the common Pinoys are tuned with shows like Willie's and Eat Bulaga. They were able to capture the audience's attention.

  2. Marketing and positioning wise, they did a great job to get everyone's attention. Though it might back fire at them because not all were impressed. If you look at the blogosphere, many were turned off by the stunt and may hurt their reputation. Marami pang pwedeng mangyari before election day. Other candidates may have better tactics to brand and position themselves.

  3. bad taste in mouth and stomach. Sayang si Roxas.


  5. Confirmed na! Congrats to them -- Mar Korina!!!

  6. He may have lost the more educated person's respect (not so average sampling of our population sadly), but think about what he gained... generally speaking, with a little teleseryes-style action you win over the masses. Think about it... he's appealing to the ideas of love... emotions... things that any average person can understand and relate to-- and these are things that regardless of education or social standing, everyone has probably experienced at one point or another. He has to win them over first to even think about winning the election to then be able to make any changes in the Filipino way of thinking/psyche... He is not going to be able to really make a difference unless he first wins this election... and he is finding ways to get there... Not saying that his tactics are the most dignified way to win an election but just playing devils advocate. Let's just hope this is an act of some very strategic pr/campaign managers and not him... haha.

  7. nabasa ko nga sa yahoo eh, nakakadiri talaga, hahaha. kahit anong sabihin niya na coincidence iyon, halatang-halata naman na too good to be true ang timing ng engagement nila.

    sa mga supporter ni Mar:

    may kakilala akong taga DTI dati, sabi eh pinasara ng ilang araw yung offices para makaipon siya ng funds, na siyang ginamit niya sa "Mr. Palengke" tv ads niya nung senatorial election. ayos diba? ewan ko lang kung iboboto pa siya kung maraming taong nakaalam nun. ayos talaga, what a way to spend the taxpayers' money.