Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gushing Over Pork... Asia's Best Pig Ever!

No I'm not talking about the swine flu, I was refering to the lechon. I can't resist but post this article on the Philippines's pambansang ulam. Last Saturday my family went to a children's birthday party in Maryland and the host served a medium sized lechon. Mga pinoy talaga, big-time talaga kung maghanda, children's birthday party lang yon.

Anyway, on our way home, I mentioned to my wife the excitement I felt at the presence of lechon at the party (O.A diba?). Lechon brought some kind of emotional thrill to me (minsan lang kasi ako makakain nito) and It does made my mouth water at the site of the golden brown roasted pork. My initial instinct was to get as much lechon meat and crispy skin on my plate and cover it with the warm sarsa (made of pork liver) until I realize that too much of it is bad for my health. Di bale na lang muna, makatikim man lang uli ng lechon just to satisfy my cravings. Kailan kaya uli ako makakatikim?

Click here to see what Time magazine and renowned TV Chef Anthony Bourdain say about our very own lechon.

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  1. Argh! Oh man! Why did you post that one? Now my stomach is growling. Last time I ate lechon was 3 years ago and it was during my uncle's birthday. And yes, though it's not a goodie for our health, paminsan minsan is not really bad.

    I remember when I spent thanksgiving in Chicago with some relatives, it was like a fiesta. Murcon, Paella, Embotido and the entire entourage inviting me to dive and be one with them LOL!