Thursday, April 23, 2009

Annabelle Rama, Ang Tanging Ina Nating Lahat?

Annabelle Rama, the infamous mom and talent manager of the Gutierrez siblings is at it again. It seems that her name graces every showbiz news and talkshow I come across. She is simultaneously juggling two ugly lawsuits against PEP editor JoAnn Maglipon and GMA 7 executive Wilma Galvante igoogle nyo na lang kung for more details kasi wala akong time mag explain, but read at your own risk baka kayo ma hook.

Please tell me the Christian perspective on news surrounding the feisty Bisaya. Is her aggressiveness or walang inuuruang attitude justified because she's a mother and talent manager doing everything for the welfare of her children and artists? Or is it borderline narcissism because of the entitlement behavior displayed by Annabelle and others involved in her legal case? I just can’t understand how one can live his or her life under constant bickering with other people with matching daily trips to City Hall for court hearings. Is Annabelle a good example to other mothers, talent managers, aspiring artists, or Filipinos in general?

I got a good laugh from The Professional Heckler who got it right and will be the final words of this post... It’s official! Annabelle Rama has replaced Kris Aquino as the Filipinos’ favorite pastime.

(image from My Monster Mom movie,


  1. No, she cannot be a role model for other moms. She's been doing this for years and probably have mastered it. But I would agree with her being the new Filipino pastime. Wala atang bahid ng pagka desente sa bunganga.

  2. Its just alarming to see the kind of role models or public figures Filipinos see on TV nowadays.

  3. Off topic:

    I already added your site to Filipino Christian Blogger's Directory. Sorry it took so long, i was a bit busy in the past weeks.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. God bless you.