Friday, April 3, 2009

Pinay Red Cross worker recovered

Some good news greeted me this morning when I logged in Filipina Red Cross worker Mary Jean Lacaba was rescued from her Abu Sayyaf kidnappers in Sulu. Though this is a good reason to celebrate, the ordeal of the other hostages is far from over and it looks like more than 4,000 families will be affected by this problem.

This story reminded me of Martin and Gracia Burnham the missionary couple kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf in 2001 and was held captive for a year. Their story ended in tragedy when Martin was killed by "friendly fire" during a rescue attempt by the Philippine military. But God's grace was present through their ordeal, Gracia remained faithful to God and have even showed compassion and forgiveness to her captors. Gracie is now an author, public speaker and is currently running a ministry that serves persecuted Christians and missionaries.

Let just hope and pray that the current kidnapping in Mindanao will end in peace and no human being will be hurt in the process.

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