Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Twouble with Twitter

As I posted on The Point Blog the other day, this video on Twitter shows a good example of using humor to expose the flaws of mankind -- see Zoe Sandvig's article in BreakPoint WorldView Magazine (click here for a free subscription).

Similar to Filipinos being all over the globe, Pinoy are also dominating the social media sphere with many starting their own blogs and joining networking sites such as Facebook, Multiply, Friendster and Twitter. But with all its popularity, one can’t still avoid the truth that if uncontrolled, social networking sites can be isolating and addicting -- just as in the video, where many are “randomly bragging about our unexceptional lives… and have become reliant on this constant state of self-affirmation.” Or in Biblical terms, committing idolatry.

1 comment:

  1. An awesome post Jason! I totally agree with you. Since both of us are on Twitter, everyday, we see people doing everything just to be noticed by their rock star. Sad part of this one is that there are people who spent hours telling the world what they are doing.

    Social Media channels can be quite addicting and as what you said, if left uncontrolled, there will be consequences. I believe that if individuals, organizations and businesses will jump in the social media band wagon, I suggest they create a strategy first. One that will not hamper any productive time. Many don't have this.