Thursday, March 12, 2009

Most Beautiful Filipinas

Filipinos are fond of beauty pageants and according to this blog, the Pinoy's enthusiasm for beauty contest has become cultural. With this said, I’m sure many Filipino eyes will be glued to the three recent Binibining Pilipinas winners hoping either one of them will bring home a crown and follow the footsteps of Gloria Diaz or Miriam Quiambao.

I always tell my wife that Asian women specifically Filipinas are among the prettiest in the world (my wife of course is No. 1). I really do believe that! I find the Pinay's petit, gentle and friendly facial features and fair skin qualities very attractive.

Unfortunately, my thoughts on beauty reflect how our society prides too much on physical attractiveness. The hard truth is no amount of makeup or fancy clothes will hide the fact that beauty is temporary. Sooner or later age will rob us of our beauty. The good news is inner beauty is the true measure of ones good looks and it will last not just our lifetime but forever. My hope is that more Filipino women (and men) will focus in the inner beauty of their character by working to be more like Christ.

Just for fun, who do you think is the most beautiful Filipina?

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