Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fireproof... Best Drama

We saw the movie Fireproof last Saturday night with our Pinoy "dabarkads" in Virginia. I must say its a must see movie. I am pleased to learn from my in-laws that Fireproof is having its run in Philippine churches because of its redemptive love story that all Pinoy couples should see. Pinoys are not new to drama and Fireproof has all the elements of a typical melodramatic film that many can relate to. "Sabi ko nga sa DVD menu pa lang nakakaiyak na." Although the movie may seem too preachy on the spiritual aspect (it looks like makers of the film wants to make sure no one misses the Biblical message), I am pleased with the film's strong Christian worldview and moral message. The film is well plotted with a powerful and unexpected ending that left everyones eyes wet. The marriage scenarios shown on the film are on-target and can actually stimulate conversations after the film as what happened to us last weekend. What's valuable for me is that the film made me reflect on my own marriage, on how I can be right before God and my wife and why my marraige to Praise is worth fighting for... something I want to be and do for the rest of my life with her.

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